Mena is a studio from Mexico. It is focused on the development of 3D assets for racing/driving games.

Since 2018, we create visually-attractive and optimized content that can be used in projects for any platform (Unity 3D, Godot, Blender, and more).


The Beggining

We released our first asset, “Revenge: Low Poly Cars and Police”. It only sold 2 units the first month!, but it gave us confidence to keep improving both our modeling skills and our asset packs.

ARCADE: Mega Racing Cars Pack

During the first half of the year, we released “ARCADE: Mega Racing Cars Pack”; our most successful asset. It used to include only 9 different vehicles. Now, over the years and after a lot of updates, it contains over 200 unique vehicles!.

Epic Games' Education Week!

In 2021, we participated in the Epic Games' Education Week by offering a complete set of vehicles for free. That allowed thousands of students to start working in Unreal Engine with a starter vehicles pack!.

Content for Everyone

During this year we released "PROMETEO: Car Controller", which is a free asset for Unity3D with over 30,000 downloads and reviews of 5 stars in average.

We launch our Online Shop!

We decided to update our website, so it wasn't only a portfolio page, but also a place where you could get all of our products, exclusive discounts and special support!.


Besides modeling new racing cars, we are planning to create more assets of spaceships, services vehicles (patrol, ambulances, etc.) and rusty vehicles.

Also, we’ve been thinking about expanding our assets, and not only bring you new vehicles, but roads, props and environments as well!.